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Tank Sizes & Cartos

We currently offer the following tank sizes:

  • The Phiniac Pyrex Tank (Regular Size)
  • The Phiniac XL Version 2 Tank
  • The Phiniac Shorty (this tank is only offered on occasion or by special request.)
  • The Skinny Phinny Regular
  • The Skinny Phinny XL

For a list of cartos that fit the Phiniac Regular and the Skinny Phinny Regular (including CE2 cartos) Click here

For a list of cartos that fit the Phiniac XL Version 2 and the Skinny Phinny XL (including CE2 cartos) Click here

See photos below for the varios cartos and and how they fit the tanks!

Tank Specs

Killer 705 - Regular Size Phiniac Tank

Standard Boge

801 Fusion

Royalsmoker CE2 Standard Size

Bud Carto

Boge XL

Dual Coil Carto

Fusion XL

The Resurrector

IKV KR-808


Royalsmoker CE2 XL