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Phiniac Tank Reviews

A thumbs up from PBusardo!! Click here to visit and see the review!

A video review from TheEcigStop, and a written review as well!

Other video reviews can be found here!

Please take a moment to read SummerDawn's written review of the Phiniac Tank.  Keyzgirl has also shared her thoughts on the Phiniac Tank in her recent  blog "Lets Talk Vaping Bling!" as well as other hints on how to stay fashionable while vaping.  And here is a Mini Review of the Week of the phiniac tank a  weekly segment on bigvapers.

Scroll down to read written reviews.

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Customer Reviews

Review by  Benedict
(posted on Jul 23, 2015)
These guys are top notch. The products they sell are quality. My wife and I continue to shop with them. We have everything from regular Phiniac tanks to SubTank and Kanger Mega glass replacments.

I have had several orders and all were timely. Most shipped in two days. Well worth it.

Keep up the good work guys.
Review by  Johnny Wood
(posted on Nov 04, 2014)
My new glass tank is great. Man, it sure has some tight O-rings in it, doesn't it???? I struggled trying to insert a xxl Boge cartomizer into the tank until I had almost decided something was not right. Then I found a video about the TANK TOOL. I ordered two and now the tank is perfect. Please, please include the tool with the tank when people order or at least inform them that they will need it to avoid pesky things like tanks broken after an hour or two of frustrating toil and cussing and stuff. Thanks for a great product which should come with a TANK TOOL automatically.
Review by  zapped
(posted on Oct 21, 2014)
You get what you pay for folks.

Ive received other Pyrex tanks in trade deals and not one of them has survived a fraction of the time my Phiniac's have. The reason for that is much thicker glass and a special annealing process.

One of my Phiniac tanks is over 2 years old and still looks as good today as the day I bought it, despite being dropped on numerous occasions.

Jennifer and Chris have worked with me to create tanks that are 100 percent unique, using my own graphics. If you dont see a design you like on the website, send them an email and they will work with you to give you exactly what you want.

Their communication, professionalism and genuine appreciation for their customers is unparallelled. So is the quality and originality of their products.

Im a Phiniac customer for life and if you buy one of their products you will be too.
Review by  Celia Duvall
(posted on Jun 16, 2014)
I just received my sandblasted phiniac tank today.. I am in love with this already from the very moment a opened the box, which was immediately in my car at the post office just couldn't wait until I got home! I got my name on a clear tank with an added graphic and frosted blue. It is gorgeous!! It by far exceeded my expectations! The sandblasting is absolutely flawless, I really could not be happier with this tank. Just as durable as everyone else raves about, these really are works of art. It's also true that the O-rings in this tank are incredibly snug. I even had a little trouble getting my carto into the tank at first, but I just put a bit of liquid on them and perfect fit! It hasn't tried to move on me or leak whatsoever. I also ordered the tank kit, the tank tool is just fantastic and the punch tool is just as easy to use as in the video and for that, I was a first timer. Now for the customer service, I had emailed them just after I placed my order regarding a design request. Later in the week, when my tank shipped I was a little disappointed because I hadn't received an answer to my question but was still excited to be getting the tank. To my surprise, when I opened it up they had done what I asked! I was ecstatic, still am actually! It turned out just absolutely beautiful!! If I find a flaw with this tank I will update my review, but I just cannot see that happening. As soon as I can justify the need for one to my husband, I will be purchasing another tank. I've already got the tank I want picked out!!
Review by  Doc
(posted on Jun 15, 2014)
The only thing I ever leave the house with. Tightest gripping tank I have found.
Review by  Big Juicy
(posted on May 21, 2014)
I ordered a 45 mm classic XL Phiniac tank with custom design sandblasting and gold anodized caps for one of my epipes. I own tanks from most all of the top rated retailers and designers out there, and this is hands down the best of them all. It is quality you can not only see, but FEEL. Nice thick, great looking glass...flawless sizing and sandblasting of the custom image I provided...thick, sturdy, stunningly beautiful anodized caps. Just class and quality top to bottom. It outshines and outperforms anything on the market in its class. I use a Sophia in mine and it is by far my best setup.

Customer service is well above and beyond. Prompt, courteous, knowledgeable, and enjoyable correspondence via both email and ECF. Quick production and shipping. A PLEASURE to do business with.

Phiniac is the most upper crust of vape vendors in terms of both their product and their customer service. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Uncle BJ
Review by  Petra
(posted on May 20, 2014)
To say I'm impressed with my Phiniac is an understatement; this is a quality tank and it's worth every cent. Looks awesome on my Provari!! Will definately be back for several more. Thanks Phiniac.
Review by  sassy29
(posted on May 11, 2014)
I love my yellow lily skinny phinny xl! Chris is awesome cracking jokes and very thorough in explaining his products! He's awesome! The tanks are exquisite! The flavor was spectacular! I love my new tank and will soon be customizing my own. You know they can make whatever you dream up if possible. I can't wait! I'll be calling you in a few lol
Review by  Eddie
(posted on May 05, 2014)
My 1st phiniac and I love it!!! It look great on my provari plus ring. I'll be buying more in the future. I would highly recommend your tanks over any other. Keep up the good work.
Review by  Sprag
(posted on Mar 28, 2014)
The best tank out there, period !
Review by  Pam
(posted on Mar 26, 2014)
First I would like to thank Chris for taking time out of his busy day and helping me out. I'm a newbie and had ordered a protank thinking I had ordered a Phiniac tank. Chris allowed me to change my order even though he had already sandblasted the frog design on the protank. I had to wait a little bit longer but didn't mind that at all. My tank came in and was Awesome . I ordered the tool kit also which I highly recommend. ( Just makes it that much easier) Couldn't be happier and have told all my vaping friends about it. They will be ordering too. Best customer service I've received to date and could tell was done with a smile. Thanks for the wonderful product and again A big Thank You to Chris for all his help.
Review by  Owen Fjeldsted
(posted on Feb 25, 2014)
Sad to say I've dropped my tank a couple of times, and guess what it don't have a scratch on it. I order some custom work to be done and it is beautiful I love it. Great workmanship, nice attention to detail.. Not only is this tank awesome but all of my juices have richer flavor to them. They so much better, thought it was in my head so I got my old j tank and my phiniac tank prepared them the same way with the same juice from the same bottle and my phiniac tank taste so much better...... This is my only site for all of my tank needs!
Review by  Joe Bettencourt
(posted on Feb 24, 2014)
First off the customer support is great. Jennifer worked with me to put together my custom sandblasted XL tank. Secondly these really are tanks, they're built like one and look great. Thanks so much to all the team at phiniac and I'll be back soon as the wife isn't looking!! Lol thanks again for an amazing quality product at a great price. Keep up the great work guys
Review by  shelly moore
(posted on Feb 05, 2014)
Love, love, Love my phiniac!
Review by  Elaina Knuth
(posted on Jan 31, 2014)
This is the most amazing tank I own. I am looking forward to ordering my second one, but definitely not my last. The quality is top notch and I've found no other even coming close. Phiniac forever!
Review by  Matthew Y.
(posted on Jan 26, 2014)
I decided to order, "The Skinny Phinny" after getting kinda bored with my other setups. I've tried the following tanks/cartos/hardware and consider myself pretty experienced with vaping now:

-Aspire BDC (1.8 ohm)
-Kanger Protank & Mini Protank 1 (1.8 ohm)
-Nimbus RDA (authentic, 0.7 to 1.4 ohm micro coil)
-Innokin iClear 30b (2.1 ohm)
-Practically every cartomizer imaginable (LR, SR & HR)
-Atom APV (authentic & the recently released clone), Innokin MVP 1, iTazte vv v3 & Cool Fire 1, Smoov (cigalike, mostly for when I'm at work)

My Nimbus RDA was easily my favorite, but I thought it'd be kinda nice to get a glass tank with a cool design on it. So I picked up some laser cut LR Boge Cartos and some Caramel Swirl 3 mg from Velvet Cloud Vapor (VCV), assembled the tank and WOW. I remember why I liked Boge cartos now, excellent flavor and insane clouds (to be fair, VCV is 100% VG). This is probably my favorite tank (the classics never die, ha) now.

Shipping was fast, packaging was done incredibly well (boxed, bubble wrapped and pouched) and I'm not sure why you're still reading this and have not ordered one yet.

Thank you so much! I'll definitely be ordering another one for my soon to be purchased epipe.
Review by  coreyshane23
(posted on Dec 24, 2013)
I ordered a custom 49ers tank and it is absolutely stellar! I could not have asked for a better tank. Thank you so very much. It looks outstanding on my black provari. Thanks again and keep up the ffantastic work!
Review by  DeRae
(posted on Dec 18, 2013)
These tanks were recommended to by All About Vapor in Round Rock, Texas because I like the cinnamon flavored juice, which will corrode plastic tanks. I loved how you could customize them and add different designs. I decided to purchase 3 Skinny Phinny tanks: one for myself and one for my mother and sister as Christmas gifts. When they arrived I decided to set them up and go ahead and fill mine.

The first time I tried to put a carto in it, I pushed the inner o-ring out. It took a little patience to get it back in (didn't realize there was a "how to" vid until later, lol). I use the Smoktech single punch DCT's. The carto fits the caps very snug so don't be surprised when you try to slide it in the caps. I was having difficulty until I realized that I ordered the fill tool also. That tool is genius! I put the fill tool on the carto, is slid into both caps easily with no problems and filling the tank was quick with no waste of juice. I will definitely be ordering more of those to have on hand in case I lose one. The o-rings are cheap to replace if needed.

I will be purchasing a regular Phinny tank after Christmas. My ONLY complaint is that you can not get the anodized aluminum with the Skinny XL. I would love to match my caps to my tank.

Review by  doubleM
(posted on Dec 15, 2013)
I own 14 of these GREAT TANKS, naked, sandblasted with color and sandblasted without color - I have given away several when other people's tanks broke. I've also given as a gift, which was absolutely received with nothing but gratitude. I have had absolutely no issue with any. When I've got a question they are there to answer any question(s) or perceived issue. I've also purchased titanium caps and drip tips for all of them.

My first recommendation for anyone within my circles using a tank has been to spend the extra money and get a Phiniac - I've assured them they WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED and if they are I'll buy them back - I haven't bought anything back yet and don't expect to either!

I always checkout the website to see what's new. I really like Phiniac and I will get it there first before buying somewhere else. I now get my Siam Mods 510 Stands from Phiniac. I'm looking forward to them carrying the XL Diver V2 rebuildable atomizer.

In my opinion you can't find a better place to do business and if you have an issue they quickly respond to either a phone call or an e-mail. I've written e-mails late into the night asking about availability of something and to my surprise I got a response because they happen to be online and saw the question come in.
Review by  Animal Nurse
(posted on Oct 28, 2013)
I used my first glass tank about 9 months ago from another vendor. I liked it, it had great reviews, but it was expensive and messy. After using it for a few weeks, I hated it. I hated having juice all over the place. I hated having juice all over my hands and refilling was a pain in the arse. I finally stopped using it, actually I stopped vaping totally and went back to the nasty habit of smoking.

A couple weeks ago I decided I needed to quit smoking and start vaping again. I remembered how well I felt the year prior when I had switched to gaping. I wanted a glass tank but was torn as they don't look "cool" but neither do plastic tanks. While researching I found Phiniac. I saw the tanks and thought now that is something I would totally take in public, but I still had the issue of the mess I caused when I filled my tanks, and the leaking of the tanks.

During my time on the site, I found the tank tool. At that I decided I would try the glass tanks again. I ordered a Phiniac tank, A Skinny Phinny and a tank tool. I received my package last week. I was excited to receive it and immediately opened the package.

First let me talk about the look. One tank is the spooky tree and one is the frogs. To my surprise they are more beautiful than I expected. The colors are subtle, but great. The etching is amazing. I am extremely happy with this. I no longer have to have a glass tank with no pizzaz. I can hang with my friends, vape and still be the cool person there. Did I mention the tanks look awesome!

Now lets get to the important part, filling and leaking. I used the tank tool and filled my tank like a PRO. NO JUICE EVERYWHERE FILL. I was amazed. I did not spill one drop (and did not get yelled at for making a mess). It was easy to use and made sliding in so much easier. I have had juice in the tanks for 4 days now and no liquid has leaked. I have refilled each tank 3 times and no spills. I am freaking stoked. The juice tastes clean, the tanks look awesome and there is no spilling of the juice.

I have already referred a few friends and will be placing another order in just a few minutes. I will probably buy a couple extra tanks to give as gifts to some friends. If you have not done so already, place an order, you will not be disappointed. Thanks Phiniac for making my vaping experience much better this time around.
Review by  Debinnv
(posted on Oct 25, 2013)
This is my first tank from Phiniac and it surely will not be my last. This is a beautiful tank and so easy to fill. Also, I can not say enough about all the help Jennifer gave me when ordering and making sure I would get exactly what I wanted. It is so nice in this day and age to see a company provide such a great product and personal support. Phiniac rocks!!
Review by  Steve Parry
(posted on Sep 29, 2013)
This is long overdue, but I kept forgetting to come by and leave a review. I own several of these tanks. 3 sandblasted, one phrostie, and one black glass. They are the best tanks on the market hands down. As a trucker I have had problems with other tanks pushing the juice through the carto when you go from low elevation to high. No such problem with these tanks. They also have a very tight seal both cap to glass and cap to carto that you never have to worry about the tank sliding and all of your juice spilling out.

I was so happy with these tanks that I approached Phiniac about making me a custom Miami Dolphins tank. They asked me what I wanted and I gave them the general idea. They designed it, sent me a proof image, and then got to work on the tank. I get so many compliments on that tank everywhere I go. The beauty and quality of these tanks is unmatched in the industry. I am a carto tank all day every day guy and I use Phiniac almost exclusively. I highly recommend these tanks.
Review by  Tom
(posted on Sep 25, 2013)
Got a "Naked" XL tank and love it! I use the reg end caps and have never had a problem ever! Buy the best first and never mind the rest.

Boge XL cartos!

*see my review on the punch*

Tank tool from this site is worth every penny!

Review by  Ipster
(posted on Sep 23, 2013)
While lurking ECF; I kept noticing the top quality reviews for Phiniac. I've seen some stupendous artwork from them amongst members personal photos; 3D, frosted, sandblasted and the well respected durability videos.
I thought I'd save a special order for a special treat; birthday or christmas. That day I saw Phiniac had posted a unique "discount"; a Friday the 13th coupon. It grabbed me! Lucky 13! I love it. Perusing Phinacs' website again, I realized for the quality, durability and one of a kind artwork- they're actually very affordable! I couldnt resist ordering a dark blue XL tank with gold sandblast. I checked the compatibility color chart- to find I was in luck! Exactly what Id fanatasized was available.
Admittedly I waited with anticipation for the Phiniac tank more excitedly than any other Vape Mail I can EVER recall! I ordered a handful of various vape gear that day.
It didnt disappoint. I LOVE IT!!, THe Tank holds a huge amount of any kind of juice I want., uses my fav. cartos and vapes like a dream!! I'm blown away! I wasnt expecting BOTH the best looking tank, the best Vaping tank all in one! It's made so well, it'll prbably outlive me. These are FANTABULOUS!. Personalized service, beautiful workmanship, a product to be your new Favorite. If you're reading this, yet not bought from Phiniac yet- do yourself a Favor; figure this group into your top Vape Suppliers. The new tips, accessories tools and such have you pretty well covered. THank you Phiniac!!, I'll be back; refer you to others, use the new Fav Phiniac Tank with a smile. The only problem I have is what items to order next!
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