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Tank Tool
Tank Tool
Sale price: $3.99

Delrin Tank Tool/Filler Tip V2 from Siam Mods, designed to make the filling of your tank easy and mess free!

Click here to see how to video.

The use of the tool also eliminates the need to remove and replace your caps which are prone to compressing air in the tank resulting in juice overflow.

It will also help preserve the life of the internal o rings and stop the sharp edges of your cart catching on the o ring when inserting it into the tank.

Customer Reviews

Review by  Haley
(posted on Feb 19, 2013)
This tool is amazing. Note to Phiniac: charging $3.99 for this tool is too cheap. I'd seriously pay $10 for this. When I first got my custom Phiniac tanks, I couldn't get the darn cartomizer in! It was so tight! After about an hour of trying to force it, I finally called Phiniac and asked them what was up. They told me to use this tool and the carto slipped in like butter. Not only that, but it makes filling up my tank 1,000 times easier. I can't rave enough about this product. Kindly ignore my 5 star rating because I think it deserves a 10-star rating.
Review by  Rob
(posted on Feb 10, 2013)
It works as advertised. I don't know what purpose the notch serves in the top part of the tool, maybe it's just due to the stock material that is used to make the tool. The edges are sharp - at least as sharp as plastic gets, and it would seem this will abrade the o-ring. In the demo, the tool is pushed down so that the notch is past the inner o-ring, and when you push your carto through when first assembling or after cleaning you're putting this notch past both o-rings.

I haven't had a failure so I can't complain, but it would seem it should be smooth everywhere in order to protect the tank o-ring.
Review by  Wizard27
(posted on Dec 04, 2012)
If I could give it more than five stars, I would. This is THE BEST tank filler tool, IMO. It is simplistic, small, precise, easy to use. The only negative I can honestly give it, is that its size is small enough to lose easily. Otherwise it is strong in every other category, small form factor lets you stuff it in your carry bag easily, durable material yet won't scratch any metal/glass objects you may throw with it in the same bag (like your everyday carry/tank/vape bag?), precisely machined to exact dimentions (I have yet to cut or slice an o-ring using this), and the PRICE, how can you beat it!
A previous reviewer stated he had torqued his shoulder pushing it through a tank of his. STOP, dont be like this person. If your using more strength than a ten yr old possesses to push your carto through the o-rings, something is wrong here!
I hope I've informed you the positives this tool can offer you. Just get it already!
Review by  Brent Haskin
(posted on Dec 01, 2012)
Love it! Can now fill up my tanks without them flooding the carto. It works with my other non-phiniac tanks too. Love being able to get most of the tank filled with juice. Must have for tank users.
Review by  Riley
(posted on Sep 17, 2012)
The idea of this product is quite nifty and Phinac makes many good products, hence the 3 stars.

However, this does NOT fit in every tank. The only tank I can test with right now is *** EXTERNAL LINK REMOVED BY ADMIN ***

Just thought this should be stated. I'm sure it will however work on other tanks, just not all of them.


A note from Phiniac: This tank tool made by Siam Mods, will fit through ANY tank caps where the hole is the same diameter as a standard size Boge, Fusions etc (ie: most cartos) as the tank tool is the same diameter as these cartos.
Review by  Cuz
(posted on Sep 14, 2012)
If you like to use tanked cartos, this tool is a must-have. If I could give it 6 stars, I would.
Review by  Connie
(posted on Jul 21, 2012)
Great tool. I had 3, lost one (I think I accidentially threw it away) and ordered 2 more full tank kits and 3 tank tools to have as I am dreading the day I lose my next one and don't have a replacement. No more constantly replacing o-rings because they are cut from the sharp edges of the cartos and filling my tank now takes barely no time. It is SO easy!
Review by  freespirit
(posted on Jul 11, 2012)
OMG ... this little tool is awesome. No more messing with syringes and it only takes a few moments to refill the tank. Makes carto replacement effortless. Tiny tool, tiny investment, awesome results! The video was helpful as well!
Review by  peechykins
(posted on Jul 11, 2012)
I thought this was a wonderful concept, no ripping your seals anymore on cartos and a nice easy fill without a needle tip thats why i rated it 3 stars, would have given it 5 but, it fit soo tight (now this is a new tank i am trying this on) i thought i might break the tank trying to get it through, it was so hard to do.. today my shoulder is killing me.. i had to stand up and apply preassure to the carto to the table trying to keep top cap on and push down trying to keep everything straight, it then hooked onto the seals too and pulled them out of place, i dont know if there was something i did wrong..(its such a simple neat tool to use in concept i dont know how i could have...) but i think maybe machined a bit too big? I got 2 knowing cinnamon clings to everything and didnt want it to contaminate everything else i used them for, but now cant use them..trying to think of a way to make them a bit smaller.. (grinding wheel? but might make it rough)i thought maybe taking off the seal ring on bottom which is a nice touch but it was hard to push even from the start point at the top. If there is a trick i dont know would love to know about it.
Review by  rytzzzy
(posted on Jul 05, 2012)
This tool is like magic, I am so blessed to have received one of these from Phiniac, it is just what it says, the easiest way to fill your tank and save your inner rings. As soon as I can I will be ordering more. Thank you so much.
Review by  AuBadge
(posted on Jun 23, 2012)
I'm SO glad I bought one of these. It makes replacing a carto a smooth process, and my o-rings should last a lot longer. No need to remove caps to refill, no extreme pressure change so no over-saturation or leaking. That's been my experience, anyway. The price is also right, so I'll be ordering a few more to keep on hand. Highly recommended to anyone using tanks.
Review by  MickeyRat
(posted on Jun 11, 2012)
This is one of those things that is so simple you wonder why you didn't think of it. It's not quite as simple to use as the video shows but, it's still the simplest way to fill a tank to the top. I'm glad I bought two :)
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