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V2 Cartomizer Punch
V2 Cartomizer Punch
Sale price: $14.99
Carto Punch Carto Punch Carto Punch

Introducing the Siam Mods V2 Carto Punch!

Click here to see how to video.

The V2 incorporates an anti deform sleeve and a 45s hardened screw!

This handy tool allows you to simply and effectively punch the hole(s) required in a cartomizer for use with a cartomizer tank.

As you can see, the Carto Punch is simple in design and operation, requiring you to simply slide your cartomizer through the center, and a few small twists of the screw will make your cartomiser ready for use in that tank!

Small and lightweight, you can now carry your carto punch with you, along with unpunched cartomizers. No more inflated prices for pre-punched cartomisers!

Customer Reviews

Review by  Tom
(posted on Sep 25, 2013)
I bought this with high expectations from reading these reviews. I have had this for over a month now and with my modifications it works flawlessly! I punched 3 cartos and figured out the screw supplied with this is too soft to punch stainless steel. I tried a SS screw and it lasted a bit longer, I stepped up to a 12.9 hardened screw (black in color) with the socket head. Sharpened it, then put a wing nut and a jam nut on it! Presto now it is perfect! Kind of a lot of work for a $15 item that should already have this, but on the other hand now I would not use anything else!

**** Keep vapeing! ****


Hi Tom, a very small handful of the carto punches we have sold have required replacement screws. After the original screw has been replaced they have worked flawlessly. If you need a replacement screw, please let us know.
Review by  Andrew Cuerpo
(posted on Apr 21, 2013)
The punch works great!!! I recommend this product. Thank you Jennifer and Chris for your excellent customer service. I remain a loyal Phiniac customer.
Review by  AngelsRUs
(posted on Apr 15, 2013)
I am impressed! I have been using a saddle valve which worked but was bulky and awkward to use. On days that I struggle with my disability I was unable to use the saddle valve, but as far as I knew...was the only act in town. Enter in the phiniac cartomizer Punch ~Woot~! Much easier to use by far! Like a breath of fresh air for me! I hemmed and hawed about buying it so glad I decided to give it a shot! Thanks Phiniac!
Review by  nrfx
(posted on Jan 26, 2013)
Simple, as small as it can possibly be in order to perform well, and a bargain at twice the price.

If you are going to punch your own for your Phiniac tank, you NEED this.

I've punched well over 100 cartos with mine so far, and it still as sharp as they day I bought it.
Review by  Daniel13
(posted on Jan 07, 2013)
great carto punch, has worked wonders for me. only problem is i'm a noob at it and had one punched too deep and one not enough so thanks for the video, i'll do 4 full turns from now on.
Review by  Barry B
(posted on Dec 14, 2012)
I ordered this and several bulk packs of SS boge cartos from "S. V." (initials for a vendor located in Spring, TX). THIS CARTO PUNCH IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This carto punch is:

1. Easy to use
2. Easy to carry with you b/c of it's small size and light weight
3. Pretty nice to look at
4. Easy to use
5. Allows you to put as many holes in your carto as you like, where ever you want, and what ever size you want
6. Just so we are clear... it's easy to use.

With the single coil boge cartos on a 510 threaded Lava Tube, for my phiniac clear tank, using a pre-mixed juice that is a 70% PG / 30% VG mix, I get the best vapor, flavor, and longevity of the carto comes from "punching" 2 holes in the carto. One hole placed following the directions for location and 4 FULL turns deep, the Second hole should be place 1/4 turn (carefully rotate carto while in the punch after the screw has been loosened enough to allow that, and about 1/8 to 1/4 inch ABOVE the first, at about 3 3/4 to 4 FULL turns deep.
YMMV, but this works best for me and has never let down. I would like to know if anyone else finds this to be as good as I.
Review by  Markimar
(posted on Sep 28, 2012)
I got tired of paying twice as much for punched cartos, so I bought the Saddle punch (god what a pain that was). This tool is just too easy. I love it perfect hole perfect alignment. Best tool ever! Thanks for providing version 2!
Review by  Cuz
(posted on Sep 14, 2012)
I've only had this punch a week, and can't really compare it to others, but it does exactly what it's supposed to do and for that it gets 5 stars :)
Review by  Connie
(posted on Jul 21, 2012)
Got my Carto punch today, I ordered it because the saddle valve I've been using broke and I didn't want another one of them. I LOVE this thing! It is so easy to use, I just got through punching 20 Boge XL cartos with zero problems. My thumb is sore from the screwing (I wish it would have a bigger "handle" that makes it easier to grip and softer on the hands) but the carto punch is in tip-top shape........... Highly recommend this to anyone punching their own cartos.
Review by  Lady M
(posted on Jul 19, 2012)
Great Product I really like it and Its pretty awesome with how it works with different Cartomizers, Thanks Phiniac

Review by  mg7454
(posted on Jul 11, 2012)
I love this carto-punch! It is so easy!

I'm throwing that stoopid saddle-punch away!

Thanks for another great product, Phiniac!
Review by  rytzzzy
(posted on Jul 05, 2012)
Although I do not have a lot of experience punching holes in cartos, I have used a hammer and nail, lol, and a saddle valve. The saddle valve is definitely easier than the hammer method, but this carto punch is again like magic, follow Chris's video instructions and bam you are done. Could not be easier IMO, definitely saves my fingers a lot of wear, tear and pain, again Thank you so much, I love it.
Review by  Slip
(posted on Jun 27, 2012)
Almost too easy.....

It works alot better and is way easier to use than the couple of cheap fiddly saddle vavles I've tried.

I have done used it on a several packs of Boge's with zero issues at all.

Hope it lasts a long while, if not maybe they will stock some of the replacement screws in the future.

Well worth the price thus far.
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