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Phiniac Tank Kit
Phiniac Tank Kit
Sale price: $21.00
List price: $25.68
You Save18%

The Phiniac Tank Kit includes the following:

  • New Genuine Brown Glove Leather Phiniac Sack
  • One Set of Inner and Outer o-rings for your Phiniac Tank*
  • V2 Cartomizer Punch
  • Tank Tool/Filler Tip

Retail value of $25.68 receive 18% off when purchased together in this kit!

*Outer o-rings in this kit DO NOT fit Phiniac color tinted tanks (amber, cobalt, green, black).  If you need replacement o-rings for your color tank, please contact us.

Customer Reviews

Review by  Dz Nutz
(posted on Nov 21, 2012)
I have had tanks since 2 weeks into vaping( going on a year now), always filled with a hypo syringe. The tank tool in this kit is one useful item that every vaper who uses a tank should not be without, to be able to slide it into the tank without fear of inner o-ring damage is priceless. If your tank floods that is because of your inner seal is damaged and allowing even the faintest amount of air in, this tool will make inner seal damage a thing of the past.

The carto punch, I used to use a block of wood I drilled and could punch from both sides, with this punch I get it done in half the time and the holes are the same size and better yet the carto does not get deformed from the process. It is easy to use just line up the bottom edge of the carto with the otter edge of the smaller ring and screw it in, the holes will be perfect alignment doing this every time.

O-rings, with the tank tool these might not even need to be used aside from wearing out from age.

The bag, I love these bags, they seem to be the right size to fit just about anything you need for vaping. I carry a spare tank a extra set off batts and a 10 ml bottle of juice to top off just in case and all fit in the bag nice.

Review by  V8inDamma
(posted on Jul 06, 2012)
I know I left a lil bit of a review on the tank tool kit in the glass tank area,but being that was my very first review I have ever written. I'm a loving this review thing lol. So I bought one of these tank tool kits plus they were having a special going on where you would receive one if you were one of the first five to order a tank and I was one of them!!! Thank you so much Chris & Jennifer!! So I started by punching my very first carto. Will if I can do it using the carto punch anyone can. They are so easy to use and if you can't figure out how to use it there is a video on the site to show you how. Then I put the tank filler in my carto and proceeded to try to put it in the tank will these tanks are so tight which is a GOOD thing mind you. So just a heads up if you put a little bit of the juice you are using on the tank caps and the tank filler it slides right in. Ok now fill your beautiful Phiniac tank and your off to vaping heaven!!!!! So if you have been looking at getting the tank tool kit look no more put it in your cart you will NOT be sorry you did. Thank you so much for having this wonderful site and being the awesum people you are I just can not say enough good things about you and your products!!! You are stuck with me for life.
Review by  Casey
(posted on Jun 10, 2012)
I just got my Phiniac tank tool kit with the carto punch and tank tool. These are indispensable tools for tank users. The carto punch is so easy to use and the wing nut makes it even easier. I punched several cartos and not one was out of round meaning they didn't get deformed when punching like some carto punches do. The tank filler makes it so much easier to insert the carto without damaging the o-rings and easier to fill. I wouldn't be without either of these tools.
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